Tags in dactl

Tags are built using Jekyll’s native categories functionality and you need to add them manually as files before using them in posts. Read on to learn how.

How to add a new tag

Please make sure to do the following for each tag:

Create a .md file within _my_tags folder with the name of your category, e.g. cool-stuff.md. This file needs to look like this:

slug: cool-stuff
name: Cool Stuff
description: >
             This is an awesome description of my cool stuff tag which will be display underneath the title of this tag's page.

slug is a mandatory field and defines tag’s slug, accessible at yourblog.com/tag/dactl/, use - instead of spaces here.
name is a mandatory field and defines tag’s name, e.g. Cool Stuff.
description is an optional field, it’s visible on tag’s page.
Click here and here to see the difference.


You can configure the Archive page to show ‘Tag box’ underneath the search box - this box will contain all of your blog’s tags with links to them.

this should contain a proper description written by Your Name